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Sendra Boots Lady
Stivali Sendra
SHOES 2000 Country & Biker Store is the best equipped
shop in Italy of original Sendra boots and not only...
Sendra Boots

Since 1982, Shoes 2000 offers a wide range of original western and biker boots of best companies in the world like Sendra, Walker, Tony Mora, Mayura, New Rock, Harley-Davidson... A passion that leads us to research and offer unique and inimitable boots, real legends capable of satisfying the demands of bikers and dancers more demanding!
To build a pair of boots and walk comfortably, you need a couple of very sensitive hands.
Our boots are the proof of this craftsmanship, and are rigorously constructed with GOODYEAR technique.
Through the use of two big needles, the sole is perforated and it is hand-sewn to the leather previously laid out on a last.
The twist of resistant threads allows the sole to be very compact. The result is a perfectly manufactured boot.
Come to visit us in our shop in Rimini (Italy), we will be happy to show you our models where you will certainly find what most suits you!

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